Email Statistics

Know exactly who views and responds to your email- in a matter of clicks!


When you step in the world of online marketing, you will find that many Email marketing consultancies don't usually provide helpful statistics and reports with their emails. Well, PreciseMarketing360 does! Our tech staff has designed a special email campaign system which will help you manage your . In our Targeted Email Marketing packages, you will be provided with complete and concise statistical reports during and after the email campaign.

How will this help? Well, you can easily view Email Statistics for every single campaign that runs through

our system.

  • Email Clicks
  • Number of Emails Seen with email address
  • Number of Email Viewed with email address

Remember! You hold the reins to your internet marketing strategies in your hands! Take professional digital marketing consultancy from PreciseMarketing360 and kick start your journey with a bang!

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